Almost 4 Months In & What a YEAR!

Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in Fitness, Love Life, Parent Shit
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Well this year is definitely shaping up to to the cake. Here it is, not even April and the damn Country, and every other, is currently in the midst of a damn pandemic. Who the hell saw this coming !? Coronavirus, COVID-19, has definitely come in with guns blazing. I can honestly say I’m scared for us as a country, and for the aftermath. I’ve been blessed to have the ability to work completely remotely, but I know people who have personally been affected, and I can only hope shit gets better once we get through this. We have stay-in orders here in California, but people aren’t listening, and I don’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, but I’m praying for the safety and good health for all, or at least a vaccine.

Besides that life altering news, my birthday is next month, and I’m sure we’ll still be indoors. That sucks, but as long as we’re healthy and alive, that is an amazing gift. Given everything that’s going on, I’ve slipped from my fitness train, but having this time at home, I’ve gotten back to my at home workouts. At least I can look and feel good, even if it is me celebrating at home, haha.

My new job is taxing. I enjoy what I do, and I know this role and the tribulations that come with it, will have major rewards in the future, even if it’s not within the same company. I believe what I’m doing, working in the healthcare field, matters. Being a PM in the healthcare field, providing software, will definitely allow me to achieve the level of financial stability I hope to achieve for my daughter and I.

My baby is doing amazing. She’s talking more everyday, she counted to 10 by herself, and she’s just so independent. She’s almost completely potty trained, we’re working on the poop part, but she’s doing amazing. She tries my nerves still lol, and she grinds my gears with her little mouth, but she makes me so proud. I still always feel like I’m not doing enough, and I need to do better for her, that I’m fucking up, but she counts and does so much and I know I’m on track. I just IDK, I’ve always been hard on myself, and having a kid just makes me even harder, but I just have to stay focused.

The juiciness which is my love life .. lmao, isn’t juicy AT ALL! It’s nonexistent, and this virus has definitely killed anything that may have been stirring lol. I am completely okay with that. Just focus on a better me and my baby bear. If some good love happens to come my way, I’m open, until than just keep on swimming :).

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