Guess Who Picked your BD … You Did!

Posted by on Jun 25, 2019 in Parent Shit, Random Thoughts
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Stupidest fucking meme I see floating around on Father’s day, and all other days guys wanna be smartasses. Just another way to blame single parenthood on women, and absolve men of any responsibility per usual.

First of all, you never know a woman’s situation. Birth control (including condoms) may have failed her, could have had years long relationship with the dude and he turned out to be a deadbeat, or she could have fucked him once and got pregnant. Regardless, her having a deadbeat shouldn’t be solely on her. Last I checked, it took 2 people to create a baby.

So she should be crucified for voicing her struggles on social media, her platform, because she’s doing it all alone? So instead of offering support, it’s easier to ridicule and taunt her, while the sperm donor gets off scot free? Is it because it takes men longer to mature, is it because she didn’t choose to abort the baby but instead take responsibility for her actions, is it because men don’t really feel like a father because they don’t carry the child, so it seems surreal until they CHOOSE to accept it? These are all excuses I’ve heard in relation to my daughters father, as well as other men. I call bullshit. Stop giving these grown ass boys excuses for being pieces of shit, for not stepping up to the plate, for not being men.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t just a woman who laid down and got herself pregnant. It takes two. Two people make a conscious decision to either not use protection, faulty protection, whatever the reason that resulted in a baby. When two consensual adults have sex, you’re automatically putting yourself at risk for pregnancies or STD’s, because only abstinence is full proof. Those risks didn’t stop you from fucking, so there should be no excuses if you find yourself burning or a poppa. So let her complain in peace, because when she’s done venting guess what she’s gonna do? Continue taking care of her fucking child(ren) ALONE!

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