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Posted by on Jul 23, 2019 in Parent Shit
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Soooo … I literally have the most punk bitch of bitches baby daddy ever. What did I do to deserve this, idk what kind of game God is STILL playing with me, but this is complete bullshit.

Just a quick rundown of our situation. We’d known each other for years, I finally gave in after years of him sliding into my DM, fucked and got pregnant. Cool. Told him he didn’t have to be there, gave him his options. He claimed he wound, wed always been friends and we’ll figure it out together. FIRST LIE. During my pregnancy, he was in school in Canada, idiot. He’d go MIA than pop up again apologizing and begging because he “hadn’t ate in days” or “he needed a book for school” you get the picture? But I still gave in, hoping he’d see, that were in this together and I’ll always be there to help.

Fast forward, he gets to town, unbeknownst to me, and is claiming I’m keeping his daughter away. WTF! He’d been home for a while I guess, but obviously avoiding me. Lol. Sooo we had court, and surprisingly he showed up! My dumbass then allowed him to come into our life and try to play home. Yes, he’d already shown me every warning sign out there, that’s he the typical fuckboy but me not wanting to fail my daughter, and at least give her a chance at a 2 parent home, swallowed my pride. He had no job, car, money etc. I was taking care of a grown ass man. He played the part thought. Cried multiple times, claimed he was sooo in love, wanted another baby (luckily I went and got on birth control), but actions speak louder then words. He didn’t love us, we were just convenient. I ended it January 1st.

Of course he begin telling people I was keeping him away, tryna have him jumped/shot, I’m jealous because he has a gf. Basically all the excuses deadbeats give. When I’d never done any of that, and had begged this boy to stay in her life (thank you ICloud for saving all my messages). But I did give up, stopped reaching out etc, he clearly didn’t want to be in her life and I was done forcing it. So now I hear he’s getting married! Yaaaay him, right? I sent him a text, saying I hoe he makes a better husband then he did father. This piece of shit called me to THANK ME! Then continued to tell me how he’s been grinding, ask about me and my daughters wellbeing, really update me like I have a fuck. But the fact that he completely disregarded the insult, still means he never gave a fuck and he’s so self absorbed. He FaceTimed my daughter, he clearly had an audience, and she didn’t even remember him. What did he expect .. she’s not 2, and he’s willingly decided to not see her for the last 7.5 months.

SMH. The engagement is whatever, it hurts a bit but I don’t really care. I’d much rather have gotten an apology and him man up for the BS he put me thru, using us/lying etc. So we can attempt to have a healthy coparenting relationship. But that’s obviously too much to ask for. I momentarily regretted my daughter because of him, but she’s the best thing to ever happen to me, and I’m sure he’ll live happily ever after with his new family. I’m going to continue being the best mother I can be, and loving the hell out of that little girl.

FUCK YOU SHAWN LATHAN, oh and congrats !

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