Opinions .. like assholes

Posted by on Apr 30, 2020 in Love Life, Random Thoughts
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Hilarious! I never understood, in particular, when men always feel the need to speak on the actions of a woman. Yes, everyone is entitled their opinion,  but when those opinions happen to take on that “mightier than thou” attitude, it’s like boy shut the fuck up. 

Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I saw man looking down on women, with daughters, who choose to have ‘fan only accounts’ on social media. Basically they be doing freaky shit for money. Who gives a shit right? Like why do you think it’s your right to speak on these women and what tf they choose to do with their life and/or body. You have no idea what these women go thru. They may be the only provider for their child, and are struggling to make ends meet, they may be a single mom, or they may just want to fuckin do it. 

Regardless of the why behind the what, people have gotten too comfortable with giving their opinions or just making ludicrous ass statements lol. Lol, like is she less of a woman/mom because she has a ‘fans only account’ like boy shut the fuck up. How about you worry about YOUR life and your career 🖕🏽😂

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