Well Hello 2020

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We made it another year guys! Another day to get better, accomplish shit, and become a better person. I brought my new year in with my family, at home, getting champagne wasted 🤦🏾‍♀️ having a hangover from champagne is thee worse. But I think I brought my year in how I was supposed to, which definitely is with my baby bear. Last year I brought it in arguing with her dad. This year I brought it in with laughs, and music. So automatically off to a better start, I believe. 

It looks as if we’ll be moving again at the end of month! I’m getting housing assistance, a blessing, but because I make so much, it’s been extremely difficult to find a place. I’ve finally decided on a place, because I only have about a month until I’ll no longer be eligible for assistance. It’s expensive, but it’s absolutely gorgeous, and I can definitely see us being there for a while. 

Moving somewhere this expensive, means momma gone have to really get on her grind! It won’t kill us, but financially, I don’t want to struggle. Becoming more financially responsible is a HUGE goal of mine this year. I want to create and stick to a budget, I want to start paying off debt, I want to work on my credit. I really just want shit to align financially, and I’m going to really try and bust my ass so that it can. Momma gone get a hustle, or a nigga with money 😂😂 

Physically, I’m definitely back on my fitness/health grind. Went out this past weekend, and had a great time. It definitely reminded me of the old days and how I use to feel. Sooo I’m gonna go hard to drop these 15lbs, and just really get my body to where I want to have it. 

Relationships .. there are none lol. Deleted everyone’s numbers. Still haven’t had sex. Honestly not really in a rush to fuck with someone, unless it’s beneficial lol, or it just happens and the stars align. I can honestly do without a relationship, until I have everything how I want it to be. Plus, I’m not going to settle for shit. I absolutely deserve everything I’m looking for, I know he’s out there, and I’ll be ready for him when it’s time. 

Definitely a lot I want to accomplish, or put down the framework for. I want to create a vision board, I want to spiritually get more into stones/chakra, speaking positive etc. Lots I want to accomplish, and will definitely be recording it all along the way! 

Let’s get it!

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